We all know life can get pretty stressful. We all have our responsibilities- family we need to care for, or a job that takes up most of our time, sometime what we need is a touch of stress-busting. It’s important that each of us takes time to relax and recharge so we can keep being the best versions of ourselves.

Here are five reasons why a trip to the Lake District, Cumbria could be just what you need.


Tarn Hows in Winter

Tarn Hows

The Lake District Cumbria is so much more than the large mountains often pictured. There are walks for all levels and abilities, meaning you can push yourself in a safe way that respects your abilities and fitness. One of our favourite easy walks is Tarn Hows. Not only is it fairly level with well paved paths, but it’s through a part of the Lake District Cumbria that’s as quintessentially beautiful as it gets.

Walking is important, with a gentle walk being recommended by most mental health professionals as a good way to immediately lower your stress. Low level walks are ideal for taking time out to enjoy the world around you and focus on the now, and with the early morning frost, they seem more beautiful this time of year.


Grizedale & Whinlatter Forest

Sometimes prescribed by doctors in Japan, green space bathing can be a wonderful boost to your health and wellbeing. Sometimes if we spend all our time in the city, or even just indoors, we can feel disconnected from the natural world. But our brains seem to be wired for being outside, and a walk through a forest, or sitting out in a valley can help sooth your mind.

In the winter the silence of nature can be peaceful. A walk through Grizedale or Whinlatter forest, or a carefully curated winter garden can really help you reset and get back in touch with yourself.


We all have those little every day stresses that are part of living in our day to day live. You always argue with your partner about whose turn it is to do the dishes, you know you don’t clean the over as often you should, there’s that ugly curtain that needs replacing, or you wish you cooked more but the take away is just around the corner and it’s just so much less hassle. It’s these little every day stresses that can slowly build up and just make you feel tired and fed up with the day to day. These are the things that can tell you that it’s time for a breather.

A small holiday can be perfect for this. Not every vacation needs to be for a month in Ibiza, instead, curling up in a snug holiday cottage where you can have a clean slate in a place that for a week in entirely yours, can be the key to being able to let go for a little while. And when you go back home those stresses that were starting to feel heavier and heavier will be easier to handle with your newly refreshed mind.


Winter in Keswick, Derwentwater


You know what seems to make everyone happy? Beautiful things. Taking pleasure in something simply because it looks nice is an oddly human, wonderful feeling. In the Lake District,  there are exquisite landscapes that stir something very deep and humbling when you see them. It feels amazing to be astonished by the mountains, lakes, fells, and ghyls.


Brougham Castle, Penrith

Brougham Castle, Penrith

It’s good to be able to put your thoughts into perspective, and Cumbria’s history-rich fells can help you do that. It’s a great place to reflect, to get some head space, and most importantly just be. This is the corner of the world where all these things come together so that you can relax.


Of course, we can help with finding you the perfect accommodation for your relaxing winter break – check our availability pages for current vacancies and prices during February and March – and then its all relaxation from there.