Following on from the announcements last week about the new Tier restrictions which will operate through December and into the New Year we want to set out our approach to bookings for the next couple of months.
Keswick will be in a Tier 2 area and we are happy to be re-opening from Thursday 3rd December.
Unfortunately, if you live in an English Tier 3 area or Tier 3 or 4 area in Scotland then you are unable to travel for holiday purposes according to the updated guidance. Although it is seems to be a ‘grey area’ and advisory in nature, we are taking the advice of our local tourist boards and following the spirit of the guidance in order to support our local community.  We are therefore not accepting new bookings from guests in the highest Tiers, to stay with us during the next two months. Forward bookings beyond this time are not affected.
If you already have a booking with us, we will be in touch regarding your options if you live in a higher Tier area.
Of course, the guidance is changing regularly and we are doing our utmost to keep up to date with changes in all four regions of the UK and with the additional measures that are in place for the Christmas period between 23 – 27 December.  Please do get in contact if you have any questions if you have a booking, or are thinking of booking a stay during this time.
Telephone: 01768 201042
Inevitably, this means that our availability is also changing regularly during this time and we update our live availability daily.  We now have a number of vacancies for December and January, including the New Year period if you find that you are able to travel and want a break in the Lakes.
 We look forward to getting back to normal as soon as possible and wish all our guests and followers our best wishes.